Ideas Shared Lunch and Learn

Northside Independent School District, San Antonio, TX
Librarian, Clark High School: Lucy Podmore


The Northside Independent School District (San Antonio) employs a team of academic technology coaches who instruct teachers on using various technology tools—apps, websites, databases, etc.—in the classroom. Lucy Podmore of Clark High School works with coach Matthew Patt to collaborate on this objective, and also with principal Dr. Jerry Woods, who provides lunch for participating staff.

About once a month during the lunch periods, the library hosts Lunch and Learn, a series of instructional sessions. Recently, the library hosted a Twitter and TweetDeck session to help staff share their professional stories and better communicate their value to decision-makers. With a staff of over 200, teachers of different skill levels were split into groups of beginner and advanced Twitter users and were trained on how to use Twitter and TweetDeck to provide a consistent message about how they support their communities.

The Lunch and Learn series offers teachers a valuable perk: in-depth paid training without leaving campus, all while eating lunch.

Together, Podmore, Patt, and Dr. Woods form a powerful partnership to benefit campus educators.