Ideas Shared Unplugged

Midland County Public Library – Centennial Branch
Director: John Trischitti

Driving into the Midland County Public Library (MCPL) is like driving into an oasis in West Texas that feels like a children's museum. Self-proclaimed as one of "techiest libraries in the state," the Powered Libraries team asked MCPL to unplug, and they rose to the challenge by offering a series of no (low) tech activities that charge Midland's communal batteries without plugging in.

In one part of the library, an adult coloring group convened for their weekly meeting, where even their newest members expressed that they find therapeutic benefits in coloring, conversations, and meeting new friends. In another part of the library, grandparents volunteered a full day by assembling and sharing hands-on activities with kids; it's a symbiotic service that gives retired community members an opportunity to get out and get involved and simultaneously offers mentorship to youth. Taking up a third of the ground floor is a rotating exhibits area, which currently offers education crafts and unplugged games—from a farmer's market to a recycling installation to a bike-powered station—emitting happy, rowdy sounds while breaking a few dated library stereotypes.

For more information, visit the Midland County Public Library website.