About us Objectives & Goals

2015-2016 Texas Library Association President Susan Mann charged the TLA PR & Marketing Committee with the task of creating a campaign to raise awareness about Texas libraries and the library profession in general. While the campaign aims to energize libraries, it is focused on public audiences with the mass population as the target.

The committee brainstormed and selected a campaign to emphasize the innovation and technology-centered work being done in today’s libraries. Libraries are places that foster creation and cultivation of ideas. The ‘powered libraries’ campaign emphasizes the many ways in which libraries have evolved to meet the demands of a fluid, ambitious, and technology-savvy population. The campaign showcases the dynamic leadership of libraries supporting innovation and learning.

Messaging will be centered on supporting existing library workers, raising support and awareness of the role of libraries, and supporting public goals and the educational process. The Campaign will include the following key messages:

• Libraries are essential to the creation and sharing of ideas in the community
• Libraries are forward-thinking, technology-driven institutions, more vital today than ever before
• What libraries do reflects a truly diverse field of information work, representative of the variety and scope of libraries in the state.

The campaign provides a platform for the sharing of ideas and resources that strengthen the image of the library profession and the services provided by libraries in Texas.

Related goals include: providing librarians with the tools necessary to influence key supporters, shifting the perspectives of libraries as a center for books to a center for emerging technology and the cultivation of ideas, and spreading the message of the campaign through both traditional and social media outlets.

Librarians and information professionals are encouraged to actively participate in the campaign through social media outlets, using the hashtag #poweredlibraries, and by contributing content for the Ideas Shared portion of the campaign website.

Tune in for more information about Power Up at Your Library Week, October 1 - 7, 2017.